Wireless Full Coverage Bra


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“Embrace Essence: Full Coverage Bra”

Unveiling the epitome of everyday luxury – our Embrace Essence Full Coverage Bra. A blend of indulgent comfort and classic style, it’s created to envelop and enhance while ensuring you feel secure and supported.

Key Features:

Complete Coverage: Our specially moulded cups are designed to comfortably cover the entire bust, offering a smooth and uniform silhouette, ensuring discretion under any attire.

Elevated Support: With a fortified underwire and wider side bands, experience unparalleled lift and support that stays true throughout the day.

Soft Seams & Finish: Say goodbye to chafing or irritation; our bra boasts soft seams and finishes, prioritizing your comfort at every curve.

Adaptable Straps: Our cushioned, adjustable straps ensure that weight is evenly distributed, preventing any digging into the shoulders, while allowing a customizable fit.

Breathable Design: Made with a blend of premium materials that allow your skin to breathe, making it perfect for extended wear, no matter the season.

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Black, Baby Blue, Beige, Khaki, Red


36D, 38D, 40D, 42D, 44D


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