Baby Doll Lace Dress


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“Lustrous Allure: Baby Doll Lace Dress”

Indulge in the epitome of sensuality and elegance with our Baby Doll Lace Dress. Designed for the contemporary woman, this ensemble is a beautiful blend of sophistication, allure, and unadulterated comfort.

Highlighting the Exquisite Details:

Nylon Majesty: With 95% nylon composition, the dress exudes a lavish lace design that is synonymous with grace and femininity. The delicate patterns cast a tantalizing allure, teasing and revealing in perfect harmony.

Stretch for a Perfect Embrace: The 5% spandex content ensures the dress hugs your figure with the right amount of stretch, emphasizing every curve without compromising on comfort.

Ideal Fit Promise: Tailored specifically for those weighing under 90kg, the Baby Doll Lace Dress promises a flattering fit, feeling light and ethereal against your skin for those intimate moments.

Multifaceted Elegance: While primarily an exquisite piece of nightwear, the versatility of the dress allows it to be paired with a sheer robe for added glamour during your downtime.

Caring for Your Dress: Due to its delicate nature, we recommend hand washing with care using a gentle detergent. Lay flat to dry, avoiding direct sunlight to retain its impeccable quality.



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One Size


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